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The Irving Difference

The Irving Difference

Founded in 1924 by K.C. Irving, Irving Oil is a family-owned and privately-held regional energy processing, transporting, and marketing company headquartered in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada, with a U.S. office in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

With nearly 3,000 employees, over 800 fueling locations, operations from 13 marine terminals, and a delivery fleet of tractor-trailers, we serve wholesale, commercial, and retail customers in New England and Eastern Canada.

Refining and Production

Operating Canada's largest refinery, Irving produces over 300,000 barrels of finished energy products per day for our customers, including our award-winning ultra-low sulphur gasoline and diesel, home heating fuel, jet fuel, bunker, asphalt, propane,
and marine fuel.

Our refinery's cargo sales are shipped predominantly to the Northeastern US. We also market our ultra-low sulphur fuels (CARBOB) to California, whose emissions standards are the strictest in the US.

In 2002, we became the first oil company ever to be recognized with a Clean Air Excellence award by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for our low-sulphur fuels, produced three years ahead of regulation thanks to the hard work and dedication of our employees.

Our state-of-the-art packaging and blending plant in Saint John, NB produces a complete line of passenger motor oils, industrial and commercial lubricants as well as on-site blow-molding, toll-blending services, lubricant analyses, and packaging services for industrial and private-label commercial clients.

Terminal Operations

Irving Canaport, the western hemisphere's first deep-water crude oil terminal, has 6-million barrels of storage capacity for our refinery's operation. Irving also operates a 25-acre marine terminal in Revere, Massachusetts.

In partnership with Repsol YPF, Irving began construction in 2005 on Canaport LNG, a liquefied natural gas receiving terminal—leveraging Irving Canaport's strategic location, only 90 kilometers from the US border.

Power Production

In December 2004, Irving successfully completed the Grandview co-generation project with our partner, TransCanada Energy.  The co-generation facility uses natural gas as fuel to produce electricity and steam for use at the Irving refinery.

In 2005, Bayside Power is built in the Irving Umbrella of energy services, producing 260 megawatts of power for the region.

Big Stops & Travel Plazas

Families and trucking professionals alike will find a warm welcome, home-cooked meals, and super-clean showers whenever they visit our 24-hour Big Stops or Travel Plazas, open 365 days per year.

Quality Products and Services

Our company was founded on the philosophy that the easiest thing to sell is a quality product and that our success would be determined by the quality of the people we hire—individuals with a good work ethic and the shared values of good customer service.

That corporate culture is still present today, 80 years later. Every day our employees work hard to go above and beyond for our customers by providing them with the products and services they need and want whenever we can—whether a home heating customer, a commercial business, wholesale rack customers, a fleet and commercial credit card service account, or in the industrial, aviation, or convenience retail sectors.