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Drive Smarter, Save More

Cool and Steady. 

The best way to save fuel is to moderate your driving.  Gunning the gas pedal and abrupt stops can increase fuel consumption by as much as 20%.  Instead, ease into your acceleration and your stops.

Curb the Need for Speed. 

According to the EPA, fuel economy decreases at speeds above 55 mph.  (For example, driving at 65 mph versus 75 will reduce fuel costs by 13%.  Driving at 55 mph saves about 25%.)  Your trip may take a little longer, but the cost and safety benefits are worth easing off the pedal.

Cruise into Savings. 

Using your cruise control is an easy way to avoid hard accelerations, which can mean significant savings.  However, to be safe on the roads at all times, cruise control should not be used when it is raining or throughout the winter months.

Don’t be idle. 

Today’s vehicles are designed to warm up quickly, so there’s no need to let your vehicle idle for long.  And, if you are stopping for more than a minute or two, turn the vehicle off.